Wood Counter Tops, A Consistent Choice for the Modern Kitchens

Wood kitchen counters are coming to be prominent again in modern cooking areas. The finishing oils (mineral oils, walnut oil, danish oil, etc) are secure in contact with food products with preserve the wood surfaces.

The solid wood, as a product of option for counter tops, exhibits incontestable advantages such as:

Visual appeals

Presenting a cozy, unwinding feeling, the wood top is the all-natural enhance of any solid wood or veneered cabinets. The wood tops will wonderfully go together with hardwood floorings, moldings, cornices as well as mantels, providing a real sense of equilibrium to your kitchen room.


Unlike the strong surface or laminate, wood tops have a minimum of chemical elements, which make them exceptionally risk-free in call with foods. Unlike the other countertop materials, any type of happening scratch can be quickly eliminated by fining sand the location; the wood tops really comprise the only well-known surface that can be restored without utilizing unique devices or needing unique abilities.


If properly sealed as well as set up, a wood top can essentially last a lifetime. Unlike marble, granite or floor tile, the wooden tops have a terrific shock soaking up capability that further ensures considerable life expectancy.


For a rather few years, the plastic with laminate surface areas, due to their non-porous framework were taken into consideration much more secure than wood for applications such as cutting meat or slicing veggies. The wood, as a result of its porosity was believed a perfect surface area for hazardous microorganisms like Salmonella, Staphylococus or Escherichia coli to flourish. Nevertheless, a research study embarked on in 1993 by the microbiologists of Wisconsin Food Research Institute as well as another one carried out in 1998 at university of Florida found the strong anti-bacterial properties that wood surface areas display, properties that nothing else reducing surface area shows up to possess.