Kitchen Design Basics – Kitchen Island With Bar Top

Kitchen islands are a typical attribute property owners wish to integrate into their kitchen remodel jobs. There are basically 3 methods to a kitchen island with a sitting location, the one we will certainly check out in this write-up is the island with bar top:

One approach is to mount an increased bar area along the living area length of the island. The basic bar elevation is 42″, making it 6″ above the degree of the island counter top.

there are a number of benefits of this strategy. One is that since the bar is above the counter job space, the kitchen clutter is visually secured from the living area. A 2nd benefit is that bar seats requires the least floor room of any of the sitting options.

The addition of an elevated bar top to a kitchen island includes even more feature and also an added program of aesthetic passion. Usually the bar surface area can be a different product than island work surface area. For instance, the island could be granite and bench top wood – a stunning combination.