John Boos Cutting Boards The Best Kitchen Cutting Board For Food Safety

Food cross contamination as well as food poisoning are two points to be absolutely concerned concerning in the specialist culinary atmosphere also has the home cooking atmosphere. The good news is, in the specialist culinary atmosphere numerous boards are made use of to prevent food cross contamination as well as this approach is likewise necessary to utilize in the home cooking environment too.

As stated using numerous kitchen boards for various kinds of food packs avoids food cross contamination. When utilizing several kitchen boards, like my John Boos reducing boards a knife will certainly cut grooves into the wood simply as the knife will certainly reduce grooves right into the plastic as well as various other synthetic boards. It is suggested to constantly make use of one kitchen board for raw foods, like vegetables and also one kitchen board for meat and one more for fowl.

Cleansing and sterilizing your boards are a breeze. Very first clean as well as disinfect making use of warm soapy water and also some pure Clorox bleach. From time to time you could need to level your boards, but with a board of hard rock maple like a John Boos reducing board, not that often. You could likewise scrub your boards with crude kosher salt and fifty percent of a lemon. This works actually good and freshen points around! For wood conditioning utilize a food quality mineral oil or food grade butcher block oil made from Linseeds. This will certainly keep the timber glossy as well as soft and also maintain it from drying out.

You can have kitchen reducing boards made from several synthetic materials, yet the fact of the matter is that in records by the National Sanitary Structure it found that hard rock maple boards like the John Boos reducing board is much more hygienic than even synthetics.