Chandelier Care Tips – Cleaning Remedies From The Kitchen

Most proud owners of elegant lighting fixtures like chandeliers know how relaxing it feels to look at a sparkling, clean piece that elegantly reflects on your walls, ceiling, and furniture.

When this happens, it means it’s time to clean them. The frequency of cleaning these depends on the lighting piece’s location, type of crystals and the shape of the crystal jewels.

How To Properly Remove Dust From Chandeliers

Chandeliers need thorough, yet careful cleaning when it appears dusty or dull. Just look at your chandelier frequently, and you’ll know when to do the cleaning. Every time you dust your house, it would also help to take off the dust from this fixture using an anti-static dust brush.

While dusting, take note that the fixtures crystal pendants, if it does have one, shouldn’t beat each other, as this may create invisible cracks and eventually spoil the clear structure of the crystal. If you have a modern chandelier design, you can clean it without detaching the pendants from the frame.

Most home d├ęcor experts suggest that while handling crystal pendants, use white cotton gloves. Mix a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol and three parts distilled water. Put it in a spray bottle, put on the cotton gloves, and spray one glove with the solution. The other glove should be kept dry. Carefully caress the crystals with the damp glove and wipe it immediately with the dry one.

Cleaning Chandeliers With Materials From The Kitchen

There are a lot of cleaning agents in the kitchen that could be of great help in cleaning your chandelier. However, most lighting experts caution owners not to use packaged cleaning fluids, even if they claim to be for crystals, as these may contain ammonia or other chemicals that will eventually degrade the frame finish.