Care and Maintenance for Butcher Blocks Countertops and Kitchen Islands

The strong timber stands for a dependable, tough material that can last very long without calling for extreme defense. Timber is a natural living material as well as, unlike man-made products, it responds to different atmospheres in particular methods.

Tops with a Mineral Oil Complete
The panel needs to be fueled oil carefully on the top, bottom and also sides, providing a special attention to the end-grain area, as the section that the wood is probably to take in humidity through. Each cut or pierce you make in the panel (either for dimension change, sink intermediary or other functions) have to also be oiled thoroughly. Proterra mineral oil (Hesse, Germany) is an item that we advise for kitchen tops applications considered that it was specifically created to come in contact with foods. For scenarios where there is a lot of moisture included (like sinks, water faucets, etc) the mineral oil only will not ensure the very best security and it is a good idea to use polyurethane or other comparable finishing instead.

With a soft brush, oil the timber generously on all sides or simply put a small quantity of oil on the wood then spread it with the brush. Let the wood soak the oil for about 20-30 mins and after that eliminate the excess with an absorptive paper towel. When the top wases initially mounted, it is advisable to apply 2-3 successive layers of oil, after which, the oil can be applied once several months or whenever required. Whenever you sand the area to get rid of blemishes or cut marks, a new layer of oil should applied.

In order to keep your wood top tidy, regularly scrape or brush away any kind of food residues feeding on its surface area, laundry with warm soapy water as well as completely dry it well making use of either a completely dry cloth or paper towels. Apply a brand-new coat of oil at any time required. Conversely, you can heat up a 1:4 mix of beeswax as well as mineral oil up until the mix comes to be homogenized then apply it uniformly on the top’s surface, hence obtaining additional defense versus both discolorations as well as moisture.