Butcher Block Counter Tops For The Kitchen

In the face of brand-new competition, Butcher block kitchen counters continue to be popular for lots of factors. All-natural timber is timeless, just as charming as the much more common granite or natural rock surfaces and, in many cases, more economical. If you appropriately preserve your butcher block kitchen counter tops, they will remain gorgeous and long-term.

There are different factors why individuals searching to change their existing counter tops select butcher block. They are additionally extremely flexible, great for kitchen islands, plus you can select from several different kinds of timber to enhance your cupboards and floors. If you have an even more rustic design, kitchen butcher block counter tops can quickly help add that troubled, older look.

Natural timber needs a various kind of treatment as well as upkeep compared to other kinds of countertop surface products. This is not necessarily harder, and also if you look after them correctly you will enjoy years of use from them. There are ways to safeguard them with a sealer that could minimize the regularity of maintenance. As soon as a month you need to apply a charitable amount of mineral oil to your countertop surface. Enable it to sit for concerning an hour and then wipe it off with a light cleaning agent.

Only use a mild cleaning agent when cleaning these counter tops, given that severe chemicals will certainly damage it. Because of the product that they are constructed from, butcher block holds odors more readily than other products. It is very easy to get rid of these smells, simply saturate the area with lemon juice for 15 minutes. It is important to be cautious with your counters. Do not set hot frying pans on it, as it will certainly swelter. Take good care of your timber counter tops and also they will certainly last you for years.