A Short Installation Guide Of Solid Wood Countertops And Kitchen Islands

Solid wood countertops are all-natural items constructed from wood from trees about 120 years old. Wood is a living material as well as the even more moisture receives, the much more the wood counter top will broaden. The wood we utilized in solid wood worktops has been formerly kiln dried to a humidity level of 6%, and also it is therefore crucial that the worktop is not revealed to a continuously high level of moisture. Generally the humidity degree in kitchens is roughly 50-70%.

The solid wood top must be attached to the cupboard box making use of only wood screws as well as washing machines. It is not advised whatsoever to glue the top on the closet box; the leading as well as the box broaden as well as get at different prices, for that reason splits may eventually show up, most probably on the closets’ surface area.

The proper way of installing a solid wood top is utilizing metal mendings along the cupboard box.

The steel repairings need to be consistently dispersed throughout the size of the top, spaced at a 1′ – 1.5′ range from each other. Across the size, the top is generally fixed to each steel support with 3 screws, one in the middle, one towards the leading edge and also one toward the back side. The supports have to be completely leveled; or else stress could develop in the wood, resulting in warping, cupping, or splits.

We recommend pre-drilling the screw holes right into the wood counter top, in order to avoid cracks as well as divides. For the exact same factor, it is a smart idea not to over tighten the screws. The completing will substantially decrease the degree of such activities, however will certainly not remove them altogether. Due to the panel’s laminated framework, the lengthwise motions are trivial, so the installer must pay attention to the movements taking place across the panel’s width. In order to protect against the growth of internal tensions, the holes in the metal dealings with need to be lengthened in the direction of the activities.