A Butcher Block Makes a Beautiful Addition to Any Kitchen

A kitchen counter top made of butcher block is a lovely enhancement to any kind of kitchen. The manufacture of these slicing boards and tops is done by gluing together strips of timber in order to create the finished item, one solid item of timber. Butherblock counter tops can be available in any kind of shade or complete you favor to match the design of your kitchen. They make a stunning addition that adds country charm and warmth to any type of kitchen.

There are several vivid kinds of trees that can be made in to a lovely kitchen counter top. A wood tree called Jatoba, that can be found in the Caribbean, South and Central Americas is a tan shade and has natural black red stripes. As it ages in time it establishes a rich shade of red. Various other trees utilized making butcher block counter tops consist of black walnut, cherry, red maple, and also white oak. The all-natural color of the woods of these trees can be made in to some quite excellent kitchen counter tops. The much less long lasting woods of birch and also teak could likewise be utilized however only if you desire ornamental styles in the work surface area.

The all-natural beauty of timber butcher block counter as well as slicing boards is the primary benefit to putting them in your kitchen. Before placing a timber counter leading in your kitchen you will certainly desire to be sure to do your research and make certain you are conscious of the security precautions you need to take when preparing food on them. One means to secure the surface of your butcher block counter leading is to use a light coat of veggie or mineral oil, products discovered in every kitchen.